Wifi Thermostat – Is It A Good Choice?

Applying smart devices into our life is a necessary thing since they can help us protect our surrounding environment as well as saving our pocket. We can find lots of useful things to improve our life, especially using a thermostat to adjust the temperature. A wifi thermostat will link to your house’s wireless internet and permit you to check remotely and alter the temperature in your home from an application on your laptop or smartphone. That’s why this smart instrument is quickly becoming a core one for new and modern houses. If you are considering preparing the wifi thermostat, why don’t you try to consult some reasons below?

5 reasons to upgrade the wifi thermostat

5 reasons choice wifi thermostat

  • Easy programming

To some traditional thermostats, you have to set the temperature in each time manually. That’s why most people feel annoyed when always programming. With the wifi thermostat, everything will be easy. All that you just do is to install the app and enter the time and temperatures on your smartphone or laptop whenever you want to change.

  • Alter the temp from anywhere

You are lying on the bed and feeling too hot/cold. Instead of leaving and setting the temp, you just reach your smart device, use the app and increase/decrease a few degrees until you will comfortable. Or before you come back home after work, you can warm up by accessing the app and set the temp. Thanks to the wifi thermostat, you can get the convenience from anywhere you are.

  • Don’t need to reset when your schedule changes

If your schedule is changeable, the traditional thermostat will not control to your changes automatically. However, the wifi thermostat can do it for you. It discovers when you are home or not, learns your schedule and adjust to fix your routine. To learning thermostats, they have a unique feature “Geofence” that can track your smartphone’s location and run the settings relied on when you leave or come to a geographic radius around your home.

  • Control your HVAC system

A few of wifi thermostats can keep track of the efficiency of your cooling or heating system and then warn you if the effectiveness goes down because of low refrigerant charge, clogged evaporator or condenser coils, air filter, or other issues.

  • Take a vacation

If you travel in a cold climate, you get your thermostat to keep tabs on the heater when you are not at home. In cold weather, the heater failure can threaten plants and pets and lead to frozen pipes and destructive water damage.

good choice

How about installation?

You just spend $75 for a professional thermostat installation with a standard routine examination. In my opinion, it could be a bargain. However, in case that you are confident of yourself in wiring, you can save your pocket (you can consult my posts about wiring the thermostat to know how to do). Remember to shut up the power and double-check the wiring to ensure the wires don’t collide with the terminals. Be very careful otherwise you can blow the circuit board’s main fuse or burn up a transformer. If it happens, you might cost more money. Therefore, think carefully before deciding.

What do you need to examine?

  • Discover demands of your cooling and heating system

Firstly, you have to know what kind of system is in your house and how many boards of cooling and heating it has in such a way that you can buy the most suitable thermostat. In case that you don’t know your thermostat specifications, try to find out its model number (often on a plate inside the cover panel) or check it online.

  • Examine the wiring

You have to shut down power to the heater and air conditioner, and then pop the thermostat off the base plate. With two thick wires, the wifi thermostat might not work well with 220-volt electric heat. With skinny 18-gauge wires, your wifi thermostat can work well with a low-voltage system. Then, observe a wire connected to the “C” terminal. If you discover it, any thermostat can work. Otherwise, you need to install a wiring adapter or purchase a “No C-wire required” thermostat. In case that your existing thermostat shows the outside temp or permits you to control the setting on your humidifier, it might be a digital unit, and an analog wifi device can’t work without expert rewiring.

  • Check your wifi signal

In order to adjust your wifi thermostat, you need to have a strong wifi signal. Stand next to your thermostat and try to watch a video on your laptop or smartphone. If it plays smoothly, the wifi is enough for the thermostat.

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