What Should You Prepare For The Winter?

No matter what you stay at home or go on vacation in the winter, getting your house geared is crucial to avoid the destruction that mean temperature might impose on it. Of course, you need more time (about one or two weeks) to do, not one night. Before doing, you should make a list of all the things that you have to undertake. Thanks to the checklist, you are able to carry out all the tasks without missing anything. Let’s follow 4 works that I’ve offered in this article! Have a look!

winter house

1st task

The cooling and heating systems are one of the most important factors that help you keep the temperature of your house. Ensure that you should maintain furnace and check the thermostat for the home heating system. Don’t forget to examine the condition of the air filter, heating vents, fuel in the furnace and carbon monoxide leaks. The best thing is that you should hire a technician to carry out these things for you. Besides, checking for your old air conditioner and the condensing cover to see whether or not there is debris. Ensure that the chimney and chimney draft is free of unwanted material.

2nd task

Except checking the cooling and heating systems, you should notice of the insulation for your house before the winter comes. For the protection of exterior outlets and switch plates, you should avail a cheap foam sealing gasket. The hot water tank should be closed off by using an insulating blanket available promptly at hardware shops. To get your furnace fixed, try to cut a piece of fiberglass insulation and block it in the fireplace behind the glass doors. Owing to that, it will obstruct the cold air moving down from the chimney. Or you can apply attic insulation in order to keep the heat inside your house and stop it from escaping the home. When using attic insulation, you need to check its location carefully and ensure all are correctly fixed.

3rd task

You need to check the exposed piping on the outer section of your house to see whether or not it is insulated and protected. Or you should install a foam insulation to get a better protection. If necessary, you should wrap them with an electrical heating tape before protecting the same. It will be critical for insulating attics, exterior walls-places, and crawlspace where pipes are not protected. For the disclosed faucets, you need to remove the water before doing and remember to detach the garden hoses. Ah, don’t forget to add antifreeze to the toilet bowl, toilet tank, and all the drains.

4th task

In case that you want to seal the windows, you are able to use a rope caulk. Additionally, installing storm doors and windows to stop the cold draft and enhance the energy efficiency is as much as 45%. You may select to tape plastic on the windows at your house or install weather stripping on the doors in places of leakage.

Apart from the four tasks above, you should check all the heating and cooling pipes as well as the basement waterproofing. Performing all these things can support you to create an energy efficient home and keep your house warm all the times.

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