Thermostat Wiring – Ways To Wire It

It’s time to set up something “smart” to help you control the temperature in your house. Have you ever heard about a Wifi thermostat? Do you know that this device can help you adjust the temperature according to your desire as well as learning your preference in controlling the temperature? It can be said that this smart device can support you a lot of things in saving your budget as well as saving much energy in cooling or heating your empty house. Or in case that you get one in your home, and you want to replace it because it’s too old.

Before guiding you to wire the new thermostat, ensure that you understand that this is for an A/C unit and furnace and not for a heat pump system. Keep in mind that the heat pump system needs to be wired in a different way. Time to follow us and consult ways for wiring a thermostat.

thermostat wiring

7 basic steps to wire a new thermostat for your house

  • Step 1 – Begin with security

Before starting anything, use a breaker box and shut down the electricity to the thermostat because you have to encounter live wires. Starting with safety is the first important thing, remember.

  • Step 2 – Take the original thermostat away

Almost the thermostats have a wall plate that can usually be discarded by sliding it up. Well, use the screws to open it and take the unit off the wall. Be serious and cautious when eliminating the thermostat from the wall because the wires are still linked.

  • Step 3 – Mark everything

While the wires are still linked, you need to label accurately where each wire is. It’s commonly accepted that color coding for each wire is prevalent, but sometimes it is not. Therefore, the best way is to label the wire following your instincts.

A normal HVAC system will include some terminals as 24VAC common (black), 24VAC for heat (red), 24VAC for cool (red), 24VAC transformer (red), colling (yellow), switched power for heating (white) and switched power for fan (green). They should be seen behind the thermostat.

  • Step 4 – Detach the wires

You need to pull the wires out carefully and stick each one to the wall to avoid letting these wires tumble down the wall. Just stick them so that they can’t move.

  • Step 5 – Place a new wall plate

Please twist in the wall plate in the same place as the last one. The shape and size might be a little different, so try to drill some new holes. In case that you end up drilling new holes, ensure that they are flat.

thermostat wiring

  • Step 6 – Wire the new thermostat

Although there are different models, thermostat wiring is still the same. It’s because you have each wire sticked and marked, it’s simply an issue of matching them up to the correct terminal. Step by step, link each wire to their suitable terminals and avail the labels you made previous. Ensure each one is locked tightly. Then put the wiring back to the wall and sometimes that can unbind a poorly locked wire.

  • Step 7 – Connect the new thermostat to the plate

When all the wires are linked, please connect the new thermostat to the wall mount and turn on the electricity. After that, check to ensure each function is working correctly. Otherwise, it’s likely a wire is not tight or is linked to the wrong terminal.

What are you looking for? Time to renew your old thermostat with a new one by studying our clear guidance.

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