Repair Your Electric Furnace

Furnace and air conditioner are both certain devices that every homeowner should have for their house. At this time, I will mention something about the furnace, particularly electronic one. Similar to the regular furnace, this one also supplies warmth to the whole interior of the building or a part of it. Electricity in this furnace will be converted and then heat the room. It runs by circulating air around the heating element connected to the furnace with the support of return air ducts.

Well, any little trouble that happens in these parts may lead to a significant problem in the heating. Of course, you should call a professional to get it fixed easily, or you can do it at home with some my recommendations.


How to repair the electric furnace?

  • The furnace does not turn on

If the furnace is not operating, the principal may be the fuse and circuit breaker. So, you need to examine both to see whether they are in a good shape. If they truly are, you should turn to the separate power turn on or close to the furnace. Additionally, you should notice the overloading condition. If it happens, you should turn off the furnace or reset it about haft an hour.

  • The furnace emits cold air

With this trouble, you need to examine the thermostat at first. A dirty or defective thermostat may make the furnace not heat the air correctly. If there is a collection of dust on the face of the bimetallic coils and the switch contacts, your electric furnace will sure not run. In order to solve this trouble, try to spray the coil with a small compressed air canister.

The other reason might start from a bad fuse or a broken circuit breaker. With this situation, you need get the circuit breaker on track and take the place of the fuse. In additional, emitting not enough heat means that the registers are stopped or closed. Hence, make sure that all are open and not blocked.

  • The furnace turns on and off continuously

The filter is dirty, the motor and blower needs lubrication are possible reasons for this trouble. Check the filter and ensure that it is replaced or cleaned. Meanwhile, the blower needs to be cleaned and lubricated. And don’t forget to lubricate the motor, too.

  • The sound of the furnace is too noisy

If your furnace sounds very loud, you should check and fix unattached access panels. In case that the noise starts by worn-out, sticking, or broken belt, you should try to avail a fan belt dressing. Replace the belt or spray on it if this belt is in a bad shape. If the blower belt is too tight or loose, it also creates the noise. So, you should control the belt to stop that noise. Finally, if you find no practical solutions, you need to check the motor or blower whether it needs lubrication or not.

  • The blower operates continuously

To this situation, the blower might be clogged. So, you need to clean it assembly and find whether any relays are defective. If yes, you should call a technician instead of trying to repair your furnace by yourself.

Except these troubles, you should keep your keen eye on worn-out or burnt wires and allied parts. Additionally, make sure that all the connection are appropriate. Other than these, you can choose to call the technician to repair the electric furnace and make you peace of mind.

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