Learn To Program Your Thermostat

How does a thermostat work? It is used to activate your air conditioner or furnace to come on at pre-set times that are determined by temperature changes in your house or office. According to energy experts, programming the thermostat to different temperatures when you are home or away will save more money on your electricity bill. Moreover, if you set the thermostat based on your own schedule, it’s certain you will save your pocket as well as energy. Let’s take a look at 9 steps below to know clearly!


1. Read the manual

Although all thermostats have approximately the same functions, they are not totally operated in the same manner. So, please keep the manual in handy in case it has a distinct set of operations.

2. Know your schedule

You should pay attention your time whenever you leave home or are away for at least 4 hours. Remember to take notes your schedule for 24 hours every day to get correct information.

3. Set time and date

Ensure that the current time and date have to be entered into your programmable thermostat in order to function correctly. Tap the button and a clock will show up on the display so that you can program the time and date. Press the Up and Down arrows to schedule the items and use the same “set” or “day/time” button after each step.

4. Push the “program” or “set” button

After having the date and time, you need to program the thermostat’s schedule. Just reach the screen on the display where it prompts you to set a “wake-up” time for weekday mornings. Most thermostats can permit you to schedule weekdays and weekends separately while the others just allow you to program every day separately.

5. Schedule the “leave” temperature and time

Except the “wake” temperature and time, you can set the time you leave for every day during the week. Normally, people often set the temperatures higher in the summer and lower in the winter to save energy and operate the system less while nobody is home. The best thing is to use the same process of pushing the “set” button and the up and down ones to cycle through and get the settings you desire.

6. Program the “return” temperature and time

The next setting on your thermostat is the time you will return home during the week. With the “wake” setting, you might set the time from 15 to 30 minutes before coming back home. But make sure that your house has already attained the temperature when you return.


7. Set the “sleep” temperature and time

The final setting for the weekday is the time you go to bed at night. To some people, they love opening windows during summer nights or use extra blankets during the winter. Owing to that, they can save many dollars and energy by increasing or decreasing the overnight temperature setting.

8. Repeat the setting for the weekend

When completing the setting for the weekdays, the thermostat will prompt you to program the same four times, including wake, leave, return, and sleep for the weekend. Similar to other settings, you can keep using the “set” button to proceed the menu and keep availing the arrows to control the temperatures and times.

9. Push the “run” button to start

You need to determine your thermostat model when pushing the “set” button on the final weekend “sleep” settings. By this way, the thermostat could return you to the current day, time, and temperature for starting the schedule. Meanwhile, the other models might have the “run” button so that you can push to operate the schedule.

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