How To Create A Great Indoor Environment?

As we know, the heating and cooling systems play an important role in our daily life. From attaining your perfect indoor temperature to maintaining your air clean and easy to breathe, these vital home systems are to help you relax in comfort and have a good health.


Two ways to create a better indoor environment

  • Install a great thermostat

Having a thermostat will help you control all the furnace and air conditioner in your house. That’s why this device will create a big difference when you want to create a healthy indoor environment. In case that you still use a manual thermostat for controlling and reading the temperature, the best thing is to upgrade to a programmable thermostat to make energy efficient and home comfort.

Truly, this device is not expensive and might be installed by a technician during a short service visit. After that, you are able to use it to control the temperature inside your home with ease. With the digital thermostat, it’s easy to see the temperature inside your house and check it if you want. Or you can set different programs to direct your home’s temperature while you are home or away.

If you want to upgrade to a smart thermostat, this instrument can “learn” your daily activities by noticing your temperature adjustments and then control the heating and cooling systems. Relying on that, you can decrease energy usage and keep your house at a good temperature all the times. Furthermore, you can make any adjustment to your furnace and air conditioner even while you are not home thanks to wireless internet capabilities.

nest thermostat

  • Use a proper air filter

The filter of the furnace runs as a screen to keep dust and dirt from joining the heating and cooling systems. Just decrease the amount of dust inside these devices in order to improve their function as well as maintaining the clear and pure air around you. You can find out different kinds of air filter on the market today with various features and ratings. Thus, you need to know these ratings and determine which filter is suitable for your HVAC.

Houseplants will clean the air around you

Almost people think that the indoors is a safe place that help them from pollution. But, some researches has pointed out that the indoor environment might be as much as ten times more polluted than the outdoor one. It’s because the indoor air pollution is related to allergies and other chronic diseases. Furthermore, we often spend as much as 90% of our lives indoors where we are attacked with chemical emissions. According to a NASA study, having common houseplants will enhance air quality by moving pollutants away. In reality, about 87% of airborne toxins will be removed by houseplants in 24 hours.

Another study from the University of Agriculture in Norway indicated that indoor plants can decrease sore throats, fatigue, coughs, and other cold-related diseases by more than 30%, partly by developing the humidity levels and removing dust. Thanks to the interior plants, the humidity in your home will be stabilized via removing moisture. However, remember that houseplants can’t suffer when the humidity levels drop too low. To this situation, you should purchase a humidifier for your house.

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