Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Review

Do you know that home automation can make your life easy as well as letting you and your family enjoy a comfortable and convenient life? Truly, just applying a wifi thermostat in your house and then you are able to save yourself hundreds of dollars. he certain thing is that the cooling and heating bills can be remarkably lowered. And Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat is all what you’re looking for. This effective thermostat can be regulated from anywhere in your house, and even terrific anywhere in the world. Just install an app from Honeywell on your laptop or smart phone so that you may control this thermostat through wifi connection. With this smart device, you can put a stop to manual control and permit it to build an “intelligent” schedule relied on your habits.

Best Wifi Thermostat

All you should know about Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat

  • This best wifi thermostat will be compatible with your cooling and heating systems. Once happening anything to your house, this device will show an orange alert button on its home screen. In addition, it will show simple on-screen alerts when it’s time to alter the air filter. Especially, a humidity percentage for both inside and outside temperature is also shown. Relying on that, you can easily schedule the outside temperature for your day. Ah, bear in mind that this thermostat doesn’t have any motion sensor to uncover when you come home like the other programmable thermostats.
  • One terrific thing is that the Honeywell Wifi Smart can permit you to organize a particular program for 7 days of the week by guiding you through some questions as “Is anyone home all day?” or “What temperature do you want when you’re sleeping?” When setting up, this thermostat is mostly self-sufficient, turning your air-conditioning or furnace on and off without having any further action from you. Thanks to the Total Connect Comfort app of Honeywell, you can turn the temperature up and down in your home or from anywhere in the world by availing your smart phone or laptop.
  • In my opinion, the Honeywell Wifi Smart is rather attractive because of its large touchscreen display. You can select from a range of the screen’s background color to fix your home. Even, you can control the shade of each color and brightness in order to take an accurate look at the room where the thermostat is installed. With the keypad locks, you may regulate who is adjusting the temperature at home.
  • Additionally, the Honeywell support is rather kind and generous for helping you. Whenever having any question about this gadget, you can seek for a huge source of digital manuals and videos on Honeywell site. Or you can send an email, make a phone call or chat to get further support. Especially, you can enter an online forum of this site to find out the necessary information for other thermostats.

Generally, using this wifi thermostat is similar to avail a smart phone. It’s not hard to know how it works only in a glance thanks to the friendly interface. Nevertheless, the best thing is that you are able to utilize website or mobile app to adjust the thermostat through wifi. Besides, its name says much about this noticeable feature. Keep in mind that wifi is not alike on the Internet. In case that the Internet is out, you can still access all your wifi devices in the house or on the same network. Therefore, this smart thermostat also works to control your cooling and heating system without an Internet connection. How such an awesome feature!

How to install the Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat?

In fact, it is not hard to install this gadget. The only thing you need to notice is to attach a c-wire in order to offer power source for this device. That means you don’t need to avail the external battery. All that you just do is to remove the old gadget from the wall, mount the new position, match the wires to the new terminals and attach the new one. When everything is linked and powered on, a quick walk through connecting to the wifi Internet and accessing any necessary password. Look at here and I will show you a guide video so that you are able to know how to do!


The on-screen interface of the Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat is rather simple-to-use, and the device comes with different ways to help you save on your energy bill. Although this product is lacking an online forum and just has one-year warranty, it’s considered as the best wifi thermostat that you should look for your home. Of course, you are able to find out a suitable price together a terrific discount for this gadget on Amazon site. Check it and bring one to make your house modern!

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