Honeywell RTH8580WF Thermostats Review

You are considering a new wifi thermostat that permits you adjust the temperature in your home, aren’t you? It’s certain that you have lots of information about various kinds of the thermostat on the market nowadays, right? In case that you are seeking for the device that is suitable for your tight budget, Honeywell RTH858WF Wi-Fi programmable with a touchscreen will be a good choice. Why should I pay attention to this gadget?

Honeywell RTH8580WF

It’s because all of the Honeywell thermostats are designed with a simple and easy view. Owing to that, you are able to adjust it without facing up any trouble. Whenever having any change in the temperature, you can know it instantly, or you can control it remotely. As linked to the Internet; you can control it from anywhere. Moreover, you might form and change program schedules, turn a furnace on or off, program the temperature, run the fan, check the filter status, reserve the current program, and so on.

What I notice of Honeywell RTH8580WF most

  • With a 7-day particular programming, you are able to set up each of the seven days in a week to create an exclusive schedule. Nonetheless, the unit will come packed with preset program that can save the cost of energy in your home without modification.
  • You will take a comprehensive documentation offered in some booklets provided within, consisting of quick start, users guides, installation, wiring labels, and particularized procedures introducing how to connect this device to the Internet.
  • With the wireless feature, it will be remotely adjusted and accessed. But, keep in mind that wires are still required so that you can connect it to your HVAC/furnace system.
  • Of course, you can check and adjust your cooling and heating system from anywhere you have Internet access via laptop, tablet or smartphone. Through the password-protected website, don’t mind checking both the indoor and outdoor temperatures to know whether the furnace or the fan is running or not. It’s also a good idea for those who are often away from home and don’t have much time at home.
  • Thanks to the Internet feature, in case that the temperatures in your home have some unexpected changes, or its connectivity is lost, you will receive an alert email to know.
  • With a Vacation Hold ability, you might delay normal preset settings while you’re away on vacation for a lengthened times. With this mode, you can set the preferred temperature to keep the environment for 24 hours/day until the time you configure when standard planned operations are to regain.
  • This wifi thermostat is attached with compressor protection that can stop HVAC unit from being turned on or off too many times per hour. Furthermore, it automatically changes from cooling to heating and vice versa.
  • Thanks to the Smart response technology, it makes this thermostat learn your desired temperatures at each particular time.
  • Although this gadget contains no mercury, it has a lithium battery. According to the available instructions, you need to ask for special handling procedures when recycling or disposing.

How to install Honeywell RTH85980WF?

You will receive a detailed and 70-page user manual when buying this device, together a fold-out-quick-start guide in order to help you install easily. You’re highly advised to label existing wiring and offer preprinted labels for that aim. A coin battery will offer backup power to maintain the thermostat’s setting in the case of a power disruption.

You need to raise the back off of this gadget, operate the wires via a hole in the back panel, and then put it into screw-down terminals. However, it doesn’t have any hard-wired connection for an outdoor temperature sensor. Therefore, you should take a flashlight to light holes on the side of terminal blocks. When attaching the front of the thermostat to the back again, you have to push pins from the circuit board into the holes to set up electrical connection.

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