Honeywell RTH6580WF Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat Review

Do you know that home automation can make your life easy as well as helping you and your family have a more comfortable and beneficial life? So, you can wonder how it is possible. Truly, everything is extremely simple. All that you just do is to add Wireless Home Automation Devices in your house, and then you can save lots of dollars for heating and cooling your house. Therefore, installing a new generation of wifi thermostat in general and Honeywell RTH6580WF Wifi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat in particular has become the easiest favorite and effective way. Relying on that you can advance the energy efficiency of your system and create instant savings in your home.

Honeywell RTH6580WF

The most terrific thing that you can obtain from this thermostat is to adjust the comfort of your home from anywhere – in case that you have Internet access. The built-in Wifi permits you to conduct it via smart phone, laptop or tablet thanks to the free Honeywell Total Connect Comfort App.

The general thermostat has a large and easy-to-read push-button display with pre-programmed energy-saving schedule and a real time clock that holds the time during a power failure with a selection to automatically update the time for daylight savings. The 7-day programming offers optimum flexibility for the ones who doesn’t have a normal schedule and can save up to 33% of annual cooling and heating costs. Moreover, the Smart Response Technology continually controls the cooling and heating of your home to make sure the comfort at your scheduled times. Follow me and consult one of the best wifi thermostat reviews for Honeywell RTH6580WF.

What I like?

  • Display: Although the picture of this thermostat doesn’t look alluring, it brings a pleasing feeling for people when seeing it in reality. Yes, the display is quite large and easy-to-read, even at approximately longer distances.
  • 7-day programming: It permits you to set up your custom preferred temperatures for the forthcoming 7 days of the weeks as well as scheduling your custom program periods/day.
  • Smart Response: As I mentioned above, the Smart Response technology is an outstanding point of Honeywell. It enables the Wifi thermostat to learn your desired cooling and heating cycles in order to ensure you enjoy the maximum temperature.
  • Wifi Connection: Thanks to this feature, the Honeywell RTH6580WF will permit you to set up a safe connection between it and your home network. In case that this thermostat loses connection to the Internet, you will get an email notification about the issue. Owing to that, you can fix it in the soonest time.
  • Remote Access app: Of course, you are free to download this app, and you can install it for on any iOS or Android system. It permits you to operate and adjust the settings of your thermostat from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, you can find out a huge of selections of your disposal i.e. programming your thermostat, getting temperature warnings, adjusting the current fan mode, and so on.
  • Security and safety: Receiving the email alerts will help you in determining unexpected situations for the thermostat. So, you will not worry because when having any trouble, you can know instantly.

What I dislike?

  • Do not work well with some routers: This trouble will make you confused when receiving an annoying error alert when trying to connect some routers. In addition, it makes you lose the Wifi connection frequently. Instead of mixing security modes (WPA/WPA2), you should turn to WPA2-only mode. By this way, you can connect your Wifi network successfully.
  • Complicated programming for some: When looking at programming menus on this device display, you might meet a little of difficulty. But, don’t worry because you have the user manual to help you know all the processes. In case that you don’t want to set up on the thermostat, everything will be simple when you can do it via laptop, smart phone or tablet app.

How to install?

The first important thing that you need to know is to find and connect the c-wire to the furnace, indicate your cables, detach the old thermostat (in case that you have one), install and connect the new one, set up and connect the thermostat to the Wifi connection, and register on the website. In the process of installing, if there is something tricky and difficult happening, be quick to call Honeywell’s customer support or you should hire a technician to do for you.

Finally, I just conclude by saying that Honeywell RTH6580WF Wifi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat is a good beginning for those who are seeking for something inexpensive and effective at the same time. Be quick to get more than 70% save off only on and receive a free shipping! Bring it to your home right now!

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