Good Ways To Save Your Pocket

Saving money is always easy said that done. Lots of people have troubles in spending and saving their money out of their pocket every month. But, nothing is impossible. And after reading my post here, you certainly know that saving money is actually a big problem. You don’t need to scarify and change your lifestyle too much. All just need to do is to take a couple of effective resolutions and make some small alterations.

saving money with thermostat


  • Use Skype to make free phone calls
  • If your family members use mobile phones, you should cut off the landline phone in your house.
  • Alter all the incandescent bulbs to the energy saving CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp)
  • Avail a fuel efficient car
  • Utilize cold water to wash clothes instead of hot water because you can save much energy
  • You need to get the wifi thermostat so that it automatically controls itself.
  • For electricity, try to choose fixed-bill plans.
  • Do not pay cash in advance because you might receive a higher interest rate.
  • Try to own credit cards without annual fees.
  • You should do “auto pay” payments to the credit card banks to avoid being charged a late payment fee.


  • You should make a need-to-buy list before going to the store.
  • Don’t forget to check the fridge, cupboard, and pantry to make sure that you do not buy anything you already have at home.
  • Remember to check the promotional time and store advertisement fliers on any discounts or offers in your near supermarket
  • Do not buy prepared food, the best way is to cook with the current portion and freeze it.
  • Do not hesitate to purchase in-store brands because the quality is the same the usual ones.
  • Remember to use coupons since they are as good as cash.
  • Finally, make your budget avoid spending too much money


  • In the weekdays, you should avoid eating out, except for weekends. Or, you should prepare lunch to work to save your money and take care of your health, too.
  • Instead of going to the cinema for a movie, you can rent or watch on the Internet.
  • Preparing a house party instead of coming to an expensive restaurant will be more fun.
  • If you have to go to restaurants, you should go for lunch instead of dinner because they are nearly cheaper.
  • If you think about becoming a gym membership, you should spend your time with your family i.e. play sports in the garden with your kids.
  • Do not mind booking tickets online and in advance because it can save a lot.
  • Make a library card so that you can have free books and even free Internet access.


  • Teach your children to earn their daily income at home by doing some chores like washing, cleaning, etc. It also makes them more frugal and responsible.
  • If your kids have many no-longer-in-use toys or comic books, you can sell them.
  • Help your children establish their own saving account
  • If you kids have saved money, teach them how to invest in small businesses.


  • Try to go on vacation in the off-peak season
  • Do not forget to conduct complete research on the available offers with different travel agents.
  • In case that you are adventurous, you can plan your own vacation. But, remember to plan everything carefully and in details.
  • Try to book the flight tickets in advance to get cheaper prices.
  • Do not shop at duty-free stores because they are quite expensive

When reading these points, I’m sure that you must know some before. However, the most important thing is that how much you know and whether you could follow or not. Read again and start instantly!

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