Ecobee3 Wi-Fi Thermostat with Remote Sensor Review

Thanks to the appearance of the Wifi thermostat, people seems have no difficulty when adjusting their home temperature anytime from anywhere. Nowadays, almost people are accustomed to the product named “thermostats”. Using a standard thermostat just reads the temperature in only one room or one place or one floor. However, some expect that it can deliver the comfort in all rooms or all floors. Therefore, if you want a differential temperature i.e. 4 or 6 degrees between rooms or floors in your home, Ecobee3 Wi-Fi Thermostat with Remote Sensor might be a good device that comes to your mind at first.


The Ecobee3 is described as a simple and underestimated thermostat that can adjust your home and does much of the thinking for you. It will not be overwhelmed with settings that will not complicate most of the homeowners, but also offers them plenty of control over their entire cooling and heating system. What is amazing about this device is that it not only adjusts the temperature in one room like the ordinary thermostats, but it can actually take care of to 32 rooms thanks to its sensors.

Superior features of Ecobee3

  • Remote Sensor

The Honeywell or Nest thermostats have mainly concentrate on examining whether one is at home or not while Ecobee thermostats acquired a totally different strategy. These products attached a sensor in this Wifi enabled thermostat that just concentrates on room comfort. Additionally, this sensor can truly be put anywhere in the house and controlled to deliver your preferred temperature. Furthermore, this sensor doesn’t avail electricity because they’re powered by batteries as well as requiring little effort to install.

  • Energy saving

It’s rather obvious that among the main reasons why people love this “smart device” is its efficiency when coming to energy saving. Its programmable meaning is that you can adjust it to particular temperatures when you are around and others when you are not around.

  • User interface

Both Windows 7’s and Windows 8’s interface will be given in this thermostat. When starting out, you will catch the Windows 8’s interface version at first. Although it’s quite complex for the first time, when you get used to what’s where, it will become totally manageable. Moreover, the whole display unit is all touchscreen, so it’s quite easy-to-maneuver.

Some pros of Ecobee3

  • Easy to install – Truly, the previous Ecobee products need a professional installation while the Ecobee3 is designed to install within 45 minutes. Besides, this thermostat, itself, is formed with the ability to discover your wiring setup automatically and can construct itself accordingly were you to make any mistake.
  • Easy to avail the Schedule – If you hate waiting for something, before this thermostat can learn your temperature patterns, you can choose to set up it yourself. In fact, you are able to program it for at least one week. In case that this setting doesn’t please your desire, you can change it with ease.
  • Access control – This Wifi thermostat can be locked by itself to prevent illegal access. Or you can prevent particular people from setting up a password for it.
  • Common alerts – This process is considered as the most adorable thing because it helps you to regulate your home’s internal temperature as well as reminding you when the filters need to be changed.
  • Follow me – With this feature, you can program the sensors to watch for any motion in the rooms you have put them in. If they discover any motion, the temperature will be controlled as per your setting.

Some cons of Ecobee3

  • Fairly tough to use interface – Most people don’t see its interface as a difficulty because the Windows 8’s interface is internationally available. However, just a couple of newbie realize that it’s rather difficult to manage. Don’t worry too much because you can be proficient when using frequently.
  • Backward temperature slider – Availing the touch screen to control the temperature of about 1 or 2 might sometimes be difficult. Although there is not a guarantee, if it totally refused to obey, you can control to the nearest temperature setting.


One wonderful thing is that you are able to enter Ecobee’s online forum, phone or email support to receive the necessary support for your thermostat. Ecobee3 Wi-Fi Thermostat with Remote Sensor will come with a three-year warranty that is longer than other higher-ranked thermostats. Time to add up 32 sensors total and relish the higher comfort for your home now!

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