All About Thermostat Wiring

You should know that even the most experienced people who relish DIY might come across troubles with wiring a thermostat. The major problem is that you need to deal with those different colored wires and know which one does what and if that were not enough, you should have letters and numbers to solve. However, with lots of thermostat on the market, people tend to be confused because they don’t know which system needs to equip a “c-wire”. In order to help you understand more, please take a look below now.

thermostat wiring

An explanation of thermostat wiring set-up

All in all, the information below is relied on the industry standard. However, bear in mind that not all the thermostats will work this way simply because numbers and letters are availed as well as color.

  • Yellow – the yellow wire will connect to your compressor.
  • White – the white wire will connect to the heat on your system.
  • Orange – the orange wire connects to your heat pump (in case you have one).
  • Green – the green wire connects to the fan.
  • Blue – it is often called “c-wire”.
  • Red – you can see two red wires as one is for heat (RH) and the other is for cool (RC).

Besides, you also have up to two black wires as well, but these are availed for various heating systems for outdoor aims or in the North. Hence, you might not use it too much.

Ways to wire the thermostat

First of all, you need to be accustomed to the kind of system that has in your home. Most of the homes, today, have a HVAC system holding a furnace (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) and an A/C Unit. Meanwhile, the thermostat wiring on these systems are rather similar to the wiring properties.

At first, once you are going to wire a thermostat, if you are dubious the kind of HVAC system you have and are nervous with wiring, you’re highly advised to use a qualified HVAC service technician to accomplish your job. By this way, you are able to save a lot of unnecessary expenses in the long run.

Let’s talk about the thermostat circuits that include the two scenarios. Keep in mind that the most significant matter is that the diagrams and wiring color codes are going to be the common method. The best thing is that you should figure out the color codes before beginning to disconnect any of the wirings of the thermostat.

thermostat wiring diagram

In my opinion, writing down what color wire will be a good way to go to which terminal. In case that your color codes don’t match the standard one as the chart below, you still get another good idea of which wire should go where on your new device. If you change your old thermostat to a programmable one, the HVAC systems will be compatible and work with the programmable unit. However, to the a Heat pump system, you need to research to verify that this thermostat can work. Don’t forget that the Heat pump systems work entirely different from normal HVAC systems and ask for more circuits.

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