Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Wifi Thermostat

You should know that a regular thermostat just permits you to control and set the temperature in a room with a dial or a control board. So, how about using a smart thermostat? Does it provide you a greater control over your home’s cooling and heating system? Yes, of course. In order to help you understand more, I’m very happy to show you some advantages and disadvantages of a WiFi thermostat below.

Some benefits you will get from the smart thermostat

  • Energy savings

energy saving

According to Energy Star, using a smart programmable thermostat can help you in saving about $180/year. While any programmable device can save your money, the smart thermostat will give you an insight into your energy use i.e. displaying how much exactly energy you’re using on any given day and how much controlling the temperature will save you.

  • Internet connectivity

Since any Wifi thermostat can connect to your home’s Wifi, it will open up a large range of feasibilities. Some models are able to learn your pleasures and automatically control the cooling and heating system while the others give you a comprehensive downfall of your energy use. Furthermore, you can learn more about some features in the following section about what to seek for in a thermostat.

  • Low upfront expense

Although some people reckon that purchasing a smart thermostat is more expensive than a normal programmable one, it’s still one of the most economical energy upgrades you can make to your home. Well, the average price of these smart devices are from $200 to $450.

  • Control your home temperature remotely

A thermostat enables with wireless permits you to control your home temperature while you’re working or even on living the other side of the country thanks a free app on your smart phone or laptop. Almost smart thermostats will show you how long it will take to make your home attain the temperature you want. It becomes easy to make your home have the ideal temperature as you head home without wasting energy.

home temperature

Disadvantages of the smart thermostat that you should notice

Besides the advantages, purchasing a smart thermostat might not a good idea for you. Why? It’s because all these devices have a high initial price than a normal one. While some popular devices are designed to be installed quite easily, you should know that hiring a professional in installing need to be added to the cost.

Although $300 to $500 is not a large investment for a homeowner in terms of energy developments, it might be a high expense for renters or some who are planning to move soon. Certainly, you are able to select to install the thermostat yourself or take it when you move.

Lastly, you might not inevitably save much money by changing to a smart thermostat if you are the type of person who always turns this device off everytime you leave the home and cautious save energy. The energy savings may be compared to more economical programmable models, though this smart gadget does show you how to advance your energy use to save a bit more every month.


  1. Felix says

    When I lower down my thermostat, when I go for vacation the house is a little ancomfortable.
    When I raise to 23 degrees it never stop for an hour or so.
    So what I saved in lowering,
    I spent more when I raise. Cuz,furnace won’t stop till it reach the comfortable zone for 71 yrs old couple.

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